Are you losing Employees? Become their Hero at no cost!

What if you could provide a fantastic EWA financial benefit for your employees without a charge to your bottom line. That would be a good thing. Right?

What is EWA, you ask? Good question; the answer is something your competitors already know. EWA means “earned wage access,” and it is a benefit that is sweeping the world.

Imagine your employees having access to their earned wages before payday. They no longer have to approach with “hat in hand,” asking for a wage advance. With this benefit, they can access up to 50% of their earned wages between paydays. Life happens between paydays.

I can help you become a hero to that employee who has an emergency appliance or car repair, a family accident, or an emergency vet visit requiring money they don’t have in their savings. They need cash now, and remember, it’s their money. They earned it yesterday or today, but you’re not going to pay it to them until “payday.”

It seems only fitting that your employees have access to their earnings as they earn them. But who would offer that for no cost to you, the employer? I know someone who would be thrilled to help you.

Check this:

What did you think? Pretty impressive if you ask me. A financial institution that doesn’t charge a monthly fee or requires a percentage of each check cashed. A bank account that allows for EWA and ATMs and a debit card at no cost to you and minimal cost to no cost to your employee.

What’s not to love? Call me at 253-592-2410 or 408-634-4648. Then, please email me at, and let’s set you up.

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